What is Sales force automation solution and top 5 business verticals benefiting the most from it

The method of sales force automation (SFA) is your way to enhance your sales team’s efficiency, thereby boosting customer satisfaction.  

Even though CRM and sales force automation differs among their functionality in some aspects, in this article we will take a glance at sales force automation solutions in detail.  

Let’s get going.

What is Sales Force Automation?

Referred to by the terms of ‘Sales force automation (SFA)’ and ‘sales automation’, the method helps create workflows to make sales management smoother for organizations and team members. The purpose of sales automation is to break down the sales process into simple doable tasks, minimizing manual duties for sales reps. 

It makes all three processes of opportunity management, contact management, and task management simpler. This feat is achieved by accumulating all of customer history and interaction data in one place. It even keeps track of leads and provides reminders and timely notifications.

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What are the Benefits of Sales Force Automation Solutions?

The purpose of sales force automation is to reduce workload times and facilitate sales processes. However, it has a lot more benefits on offer that can boost your sales bottom line. Take a look at them.

1. It Enhances Accuracy:

With more tasks being performed, the chances of erring in the process increase as well. Once you are satisfied with the outputs of a specific task, copy it over and avoid the hassle of repeating the task and starting over from scratch, all over again. This can reduce manual errors and streamline processes for team members. Be it an email sequence or setting up campaigns, automation comes in handy in several aspects of businesses.

2. It Leverages Your Sales Team to Use Time Efficiently:

With your sales team, having to spend lesser time on writing emails and performing mundane tasks, they can focus more on important operations and duties. 

3. It Ensures proper management of Leads:

Leads can easily be mishandled when being monitored through spreadsheets, calendars, or other methods as compared to CRMs or SFA tools. An SFA solution helps ensure all your leads are well accounted for.

 4. It Offers Smart Sales Forecasts:

Smart sales forecasting has a ton of benefits. You get to analyze past sales data, track the current sales database, and even provide your sales team with insights for future opportunities.  

Additionally, SFA enables you to acquire better leads from the existing set of customers, analyzing their past patterns, and generating custom campaigns. 

5. It Facilitates Quick Responses:

When a lead fills out a contact form through your website and is kept waiting to be contacted by a sales rep, it gets frustrating. With SFA solutions, leads can be contacted instantly through automated technology.

5 Business Verticals Benefiting from Sales Force Automation Solution

Here are the five verticals that make the most out of SFA solutions.

1. Banking:

With remote accessibility becoming a common phenomenon in the recent past, the cybersecurity saga is one aspect that companies are being forced to take seriously. Sales Force Automation Solutions are key to securing and handling sensitive data. This method finds innumerable applications in the banking industry. 

With SFA, redundant manual tasks like loan documentation can be skipped completely. By automating these documentation and coordination processes, banks can be benefitted from saving loads of money and time along with reducing the chances for manual errors. 

2. Manufacturing:

The big guns in the manufacturing industry get as many as thousands of orders every single day. The concern is to record and analyze each of these touchpoints. It would need a minimum of 60 team members to handle these manually. Sales force automation solutions can make the entire process much more accurate and simplified, just at the push of a button.  

It allows your consumers to even place their orders seamlessly. They even get to register their feedback. So, talking of the manufacturing industry, a strong sales force automation software serves a threefold purpose.

3. Ed-tech:

Sales Force Automation solutions in the EdTech industry have been making massive strides towards simplifying sales processes. These solutions allow companies to capture student inquiries and app installs from several channels – education marketplaces, digital, social, APIs, and much more. Accordingly, you get to transfer all the leads’ details to the relevant teams to maximize timely intervention. 

Companies even get to track the complete activities of students across their apps, websites, and communication campaigns. You are informed of all the viewed videos, the interaction sessions, and the clicked links to gain more insights. All of this information can serve well for your sales team to act and convert more deals.  

Your sales team can be notified with automated alerts as soon as students click on important links or perform a form sign-up. As a result, you are allowed to track conversions, activities, sales performance, and closures.

4. Health Care:

Amidst the Covid scare, one of the biggest challenges is to simplify the lives of health workers to leverage better productivity from them. You guessed it right, SFA has a solution for this crisis as well.  

One small mishap in documentation can bring forth heavy losses for the medical industry. Hence, eliminating that room for manual errors through automation in documenting seems like the perfect solution.

5. Media and Communications:

The booming Media and Communications industry has been long hit by various challenges. Recording data on viewer density, preferences, and other similar stuff, deploying SFA can optimize the analytics procedure over door-to-door surveys.  

Stations can record insights regarding viewer statistics and preferences, simply by the click of a button through sales force automation solutions. 

Summing Up

Irrespective of the industry you work in, easing your sales force workflows with automation in the forefront can transform your business. With the right tools in place and loads of time recovered, your team members can eliminate manual work, streamline critical processes, and focus on bigger projects – without the need for special skills or coding process. 

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