Who we are?

We are a highly motivated team of techno-functional experts, with an average experience of over 20 years in the various domains.

With a common goal to help organizations find better technology solutions, our team works with you in the most collaborative and neutral way.

Domains we specialize in

▪ Fixed asset management solutions
▪ Fixed asset verification services
▪ IT Asset Management solutions
▪ Real time location tracking solutions
▪ Facility management solutions
▪ Procurement and vendor management solutions
▪ Sales Force Automation & Distributor Management
▪ Large data reconciliation solutions

▪ Enterprise resource planning solutions
▪ Customer relationship management solutions
▪ Payroll & Human resource management solutions
▪ E-commerce (B2C & B2B) solutions
▪ Tax automation and e-invoicing solutions
▪ Workflow & RPA solutions
▪ Custom application development
▪ Contracts management solutions

Why Propelsum?

We built Propelsum to be the ‘Go-to’ collaborative platform for all sizes of businesses from across verticals, to simplify their digital transformation journey.

How do we help you?

We help you find better technology solutions through our 3-step approach.

  1. Define – Define your business objectives, determine requirements & challenges, and prepare standardized scope
  2. Discover – Identify and map scope to pre-evaluated products, ascertain fulfillment with vendors, and Scope-Solution match
  3. Deliver – Recommend best match solutions, Introduce vendors, arrange demos & proposals, and Solution purchase

Get the right software and solution for your business growth