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Fixed asset management software

Power up your fixed assets, for better efficiency than ever. Increase your fixed asset visibility, control, efficiency and compliance; with lowered efforts and costs.

IT asset management software

Enterprise IT asset and services management software – ITAM, ITSM, Service desk, Process monitoring, process automation, Mobile device management, reporting and more

Physical verification of fixed assets

Streamline you fixed assets and increase tracking and periodic audit efficiencies with comprehensive asset verification, tagging, mapping, and reconciliation services

Sales Force Automation & Distribution Management software

Improve efficiency of your distribution business and ensure success of your field force operations. Unified platform to manage your Sales force automation & Distribution effectively.

Human resource management software

Manage your HR process, for better efficiency in employee self-service. Automate, improve HR efficiency, employee engagement & create a happier workplace.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software

Fully integrated ERP solutions to increase your people & process efficiency, lower costs, and improve revenues & profitability

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solution

Build deeper and meaningful relationships with your customers while building and scaling your business

Data Reconciliation

Fully automate large data transformation, reconciliation, calculation, and reporting

Ecommerce Solution

Modern, flexible, and user-friendly e-ecommerce solutions for brand building, discovery, customer engagement, analytics, sales and fulfilment

Expense management solution

Manage all your payments, expenses, travel & expense, petty cash, banking, accounting, and more in one place