Power up your fixed assets, for better efficiency than ever

Increase your fixed asset visibility, control, efficiency and compliance; with lowered efforts and costs

Introducing Fixed asset management software

Now Streamline, account, track, manage and maintain your fixed assets throughout their life cycle

Propelsum - Fixed Asset Tracking

Fixed Asset Tracking

Be aware of the whereabouts of your asset throughout their lifecycle in real-time

  • Record and identify unique assets at Parent, Child and component levels. 
  • Track assets across organization hierarchy, location, department, cost center, users, categories and attributes
  • Design, generate and print labels for tagging assets using Barcode and QR code. Use default, internal or custom code.
  • Track Goods receipts (GRN), Returnable & Non-returnable transfers, Internal and external movement and more.
  • Track asset movement and physical verification using Barcode and QR-Code technologies
  • Fully automate tracking of asset movement and physical verification using RFID, Bluetooth, IoT, Wifi and hybrid technologies

Fixed Asset Management

Manage asset procurement, lease, insurance, warranties, transfers, Users etc.

  • Manage assets procurement, lease, insurance, warranties, transfers, documents, expiry and retirement
  • Define user roles with access control for asset assignment, ownership confirmation and service ticketing
  • Manage stores, request and issuance of consumables, minimum stock levels,  inventory, maintenance consumption.
  • Create workflows to gain visibility and control transactions being carried out at multiple levels of the organization
  • Track expiry of asset lease, insurance, warranties, and maintenance. Receive notification and alerts for expiry.
  • Record and safe keep all asset related documents like purchase orders, user manuals, warranties, images and more 

Propelsum - Fixed Asset Management
Propelsum - Accounting and Compliance

Accounting and Compliance

Simplified asset accounting, Income Tax and Companies Act compliances 

  • Asset procurement, capitalization, cost breakup, forex adjustment, revaluation, and disposal
  • As per Income Tax Act, Companies Act, IND-AS, IFRS, STPI, SEZ, and custom books
  • User defined methods, life, shifts and calculate depreciation at Book, Block and Asset level.
  • Create and manage multiple CWIP projects. Apportion material, people and other expenses to assets. 
  • Generate financial statements with purchase price, depreciation method & rate, useful life, impairment etc
  • Manage all financial documents like Purchase orders, invoices, warranties, gate pass, challans for transfers and disposals

Physical Verification

Asset inventory simplified through mobile asset verification and auto reconciliation

  • User defined physical verification plans, Asset verification at  category, user (self-confirmation) and asset level.
  • Option to verify assets manually, using barcode & RFID handheld scanners and Android & iOS mobile applications.
  • Masking of asset codes, provision to Geo-tag assets and capture asset images at the time of verification
  • Auto reconciliation against records. Identification of missing and misplaced assets and provision to update records.
  • Maintain asset level physical verification status and trail. Physical verification logs and reports for compliance
  • Fully automate tracking of asset movement and physical verification using RFID, Bluetooth, IoT, Wifi and hybrid technologies
Propelum - Physical Verification
Propelsum - Fixed Asset Maintenance

Fixed Asset Maintenance

Know the updated conditions of your assets and extend their lifetime with on-time maintenance.

  • Computerized maintenance management system to plan, track, measure, and optimize everything to do with asset maintenance.
  • Create and manage Annual Maintenance contracts (AMC), Comprehensive Maintenance Contracts (CMC), Warranties and more.
  • Manage maintenance activities including breakdown, preventive, scheduled maintenance and calibration
  • Create maintenance tickets, work-orders, and tasks. Assign to internal & external maintenance providers, track SLAs and downtime
  • Maintain log of response time, maintenance duration, consumables, spare parts, replacements, costs, and other details
  • Flexibility to update on-ground asset maintenance activity, receive notifications, close or reassign service tickets


Identify, locate, transfer, inventory and be notified about your assets on-the-go

  • Identification of assets and display of detailed asset information from anywhere
  • Initiate individual or bulk asset transfer using asset management mobile application
  • Bar code, QR Code, RFID based tracking, Geo-tagging, Image capture
  • Manage service tickets and work orders right from the asset location.
  • Be notified of all the important actions & events like workflow, transactions, updates etc.
  • Be notified of workflow items pending for your approval and approve transaction on-the-go.
Propelsum - Mobility

Extensive features

Configurable hierarchy

Web-based application

Alerts & notifications

Workflows management

Label design & printing

License & SaaS options

Mobile application

Floor plan & map views

Ready integrations

Highly secure

Do you need a Fixed Asset Management Software?

Yes, if you face any of the following challenges;

Difficulty to keep track of assets spread across 10s of locations, 100s of users and information being maintained in multiple systems and silos.

ERP or Bookkeeping software ‘not-so-helpful’ for physical asset tracking leading to Pilferage, theft, or under-utilization of assets.

Excessive spending on your fixed asset maintenance due to assets not being maintained to schedule.

Not having up-to-date information of your fixed assets leading to excess procurement, AMCs and Insurance of assets.

Assets on-the-ground do not match with those in your books and no easy way of identifying and mapping assets to records.

Incorrect mapping of capital and revenue expenses and not having accurate FAR for internal and statutory compliances.

How does a Fixed asset management software help?

Increased efficiency and better utilization of your assets.

Improved asset life span with in-time maintenance and spares.

Complete visibility and simplified audits and report processes.

Reduced errors and efforts in record keeping and manual tracking of assets

Prevent theft & pilferage, equipment failure, down-time.

Prevent under-utilization of assets and unnecessary extra costs.

Get the right Fixed Asset management software for better efficiency