Propelsum - Customer relationship management

Customer Relationship Management Solution

Build deeper and meaningful relationships with your customers while building and scaling your business

Introducing Customer Relationship Management Solution

CRM Marketing automation

Marketing automation

Reach, attract and nurture your prospects throughout the buying process.

  • Prospect segmentation on multiple parameters
  • Focused campaign lists
  • Multiple marketing campaigns –Email & SMS
  • Drag and drop email, landing pages and web-form builder
  • Drag and drop email, landing pages and web-form builder
  • Reports and analytics to track customer behavior
  • Live chat to connect with and convert website visitors
  • Capture leads from multiple sources
  • Automate email responses
  • Qualify, score and segregate leads
  • Distribute leads to sales teams
  • Reports, analytics and dashboards

CRM Marketing automation
CRM Sales automation

Sales automation

Automate repeat tasks, increase sales resources productivity and increase sales.

  • Build detailed contact profiles
  • Create multiple email templates and personalize based on contact profile
  • Generate, score, distribute and nurture leads
  • Create multiple opportunities and deals
  • Automate follow up with personalized emails
  • Quick appointment & task scheduler
  • Capture and track all sales activities at customer level
  • Manage products and price books
  • Create quotes and proposals with minimal inputs
  • Sales pipeline analysis for accurate sales forecasting
  • Centralized sales collateral management
  • Notifications on email, mobile phone, and desktop to never miss a follow-up

CRM Sales automation
CRM Service automation

Service automation

Enable your support team with automation. Retain, deepen relationships & delight customers.

  • Customer self service portals
  • Knowledge base and FAQs
  • Unify support tickets and assign tags to categorize
  • Ticket assignment to respective departments
  • Custom service contracts and SLA definitions
  • Track and analyze tickets closed, pending tickets, live chats, and response time
  • Set-up auto responses and notifications
  • Streamline and prioritize tickets with color codes
  • 360-degree of customer and product information available at finger tips
  • Customer metrics like tickets raised, revenues, repeat customers etc.
  • Create, conduct and measure feedback and other customer surveys
  • Schedule standard and custom reporting

CRM Service automation

Extensive features

Lead Capture

Email & Landing Page Builder

Dashboards and Reports

Connected teams


Mobile app

Cross-team Support

Data Security

Complete day planner

Multi-lingual support

Do you need a Customer Relationship Management Solution?

Yes, if you face any of the following challenges;

Limited collaboration between sales and marketing teams of the business, leading to lower enquiries and leads

Decentralized, stale, unsegmented, and unorganized prospect or customer data, leading to inconsistent customer communication and lower conversions rate

Wastage of resources on redundant tasks like email responses, email marketing, lead distribution, manual reporting, and more

Inaccurate sales and revenue forecasting due to unavailability of consolidated pipeline, lead scoring, and past closure trends

Inability to monitor activities of specialists, view different schedules, track tasks and their completion, sales & marketing efforts-vs-outcomes

No 360-degree view of each customer, from the moment of the first application to the end of service

How does an Customer Relationship Management Solution help?

Simplified collaboration between marketing and sales teams to find and nurture your potential customers

Consolidate, segment and keep your target customer data always up to date to create focused lists and tailored campaigns

Ensure that all your leads are captured and worked upon quickly to improve inquiry conversion rate

Clear understanding of pipeline, opportunities, and closure rate for accurate sales and revenue forecasting

Easily track and analyze sales & marketing metrics like mails sent, click-through rates, calls made, positive responses etc.

Gain competitive advantage with 360-degree knowledge of your customers and personalized communication

Get the right Customer Relationship Management Solution to improve your Customer Relationship capabilities