Propelsum - Expense management solution

Expense management solution

Manage all your payments, expenses, travel & expense, petty cash, banking, accounting, and more in one place

Introducing Expense management solution

Now Streamline travel, fleet, petty cash, tax benefits, and invoices throughout their life cycle

Propelsum - Travel & Expense Solution

Travel & Expense Solution

Effortless travel planning, management, and reimbursements. Control travel expenses with real-time insights into travel spending.

  • Plan business trips with online travel request forms and approvals 
  • Automate capture of travel expenses with timely report submission
  • 100% policy-compliant travel expense reports with anti-fraud controls 
  • Auto-approval of expenses with complete visibility into approval trail
  • Reconciles expenses and ensure in-time reimbursements 

Petty Cash Solution

Simplify petty cash management, plug leakages, and free up working capital. Centralized disbursement of petty cash on expense cards across branch locations.

  • Extend expense cards to branches/teams/projects for full control and visibility on spending
  • Free up working capital by disbursing petty cash digitally & just-in-time 
  • Customizes individual card limits and controls unauthorized spending
  • Automated capturing of transaction details. Just take a snap of the receipt and submit it for approval
  • Track expenses in real-time and branch-wide cash balances and transfer funds to those that need surplus cash

Propelsum - Petty Cash Solution
Propelsum - Employee tax benefits

Employee tax benefits

Distribute meal, gifting, and other benefits electronically on employee cards and help employees claim additional tax benefits without any hassles. 

  • One card for all the tax benefits and receive card PIN with 100% security 
  • Instant activation of a card by simply giving a missed call on the designated number
  • No expiry on meal vouchers leading to zero loss for employees and companies 
  • Higher take-home salary due to easy access to tax benefits
  • Hassle-free KYC through mobile App

Fleet Management

Track, manage and control all fleet expenses such as fuel purchases, FasTag toll payments, lodging and meals, driver salary, and vehicle maintenance and repairs.

  • Map drivers to their respective vehicles numbers and allocate cards 
  • Disburse money to cards with a click of a button
  • Set individual spending limits for each card. Enable or disable cards instantly
  • Real-time tracking of card balance and driver expenses 
Propelsum - Fleet management
Propelsum - Expense management

Expense Management

Separate your team’s business & personal expenses to manage & track them easily.

  • Separate expense cards for business spends
  • Integrate with WhatsApp to capture & manage expenses on the go.
  • Track team spends, set limits and benefits
  • Build best-in-class rewards for your business
  • Get notified of every expense transaction

Invoice Processing & Account Payable Automation

Capture invoices using AI, automate invoice approvals and accelerate vendor payments with Invoice Management Solution for Accounts Payable.

  • Scans invoices and auto-fills vendor details, invoice ID, payable amount, invoice date, and more. The invoice is ready for payment in no time
  • Automatically creates a vendor invoice draft in your account which you can review and submit for processing
  • Detect and block duplicate invoices
  • Capture taxes applicable while capturing invoices. Claim GST input tax credit with ease
  • Distribute the workload among your team. Submit invoices, approvals, and processes payments – all on the same platform
  • Notify vendors once payment is processed
Propelsum - Invoice Processing & Accounts Payable Automation

Extensive features

Role-based access control

Workflows with rules and triggers

Single Sign-on

Reporting and Analytics

Device & system integrations

Audit logs

SLAs & Support

Data security

Best-in-class payment gateway

App store

Team management

GST compliance invoicing

Do you need a Expense Management Solution?

Yes, if you face any of the following challenges;

Capturing, recording, and claiming expenses can be a cumbersome process

Losing expense receipts may also lead to inaccurate cost reporting and​ a potentially negative impact on business efficiency

Complexity in expense policy to comprehend that they become at best confusing and at worst counter-productive

Difficulty to understand which expense categories are accounting for the highest proportion of costs

Late expense submissions which lead to delay in employee reimbursement

Time-consuming to recheck every detail of a task for accuracy. Fraudulent practices are all too common amidst chaos

How does an Expense management solution help?

Simplified management process for capturing, recording, and claiming expenses

Accurate cost reporting manages all expense receipts, which benefits on business efficiency

Pre-configured expense policies to minimize errors in claims and reimbursement

Automated accounting, category-wise expenses, resulting highest expense proportion of the cost

Employee delight through automated expense submission and quick reimbursements

Built-in compliance for accurate details of tasks, to prevent any fraudulent practices

Get the right Expense management solution to manage all your payment capabilities